Arabella and Ever Landrum, 2-year-old twins, are some of Bossier City’s most famous residents. They play the baby boy punched in the movie “The Campaign.”

“They were cast as baby boy because it was mean to punch a baby girl, but punching a baby boy was more acceptable,” said their mother, Amber Dawn Landrum, with a laugh.

Part of the reason they landed the roll is because there are 2 of them.

“Using the twins we could use one for 6 hours and then use another for 6 hours,” said Landrum.

If you’ve seen the movie, you might recognize their mother, too. Amber Dawn Landrum is a professional actress who has landed roles in “Olympus has Fallen” and the show “True Blood.” The real life mom also got to play her baby’s mother in “The Campaign.”

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“To bring them into that and introduce them to this world that I have loved for so long, and to share it with them. It was so unique,” said Landrum.

Acting truly is a family affair for the Landrums. The twins’ grandmother is their agent.

“I know everything about them, so it’s easy for me to pitch them because I know all about their abilities and their strengths and weaknesses,” said Dawn Landrum.

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